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 Treasured Memories Testimonials

"Your Perception of our Service is of Paramount-Importance to Treasured Memories.

We have published every comment we have ever received from our customers since we began trading.  We are very proud of these comments and have made more pages available to our testimonials than our sales information pages, because we believe that they say more about us than anything we could print.

Here at Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd, we ask all our customers to provide feedback on the products and services provided.  We Guarantee to publish all comments and unless we have asked your permission do not identify you by name..  These comments help us to improve our services for future customers.  We now have so many that they take up a large part of our website.  We print every comment we get, and we highlight the ones that we think are most indicative of our services,


You can provide feedback by completing our Feedback Form, by telephone, letter or e-mail.  


Treasured Memories would like to thank all our customers who took the time to write or call.  The feedback you provide is much appreciated by all concerned. We would also like to thank our Scanning Staff, Ann. June Sue and Mike, without whose efforts these comments would not have been made.



Some More Testimonials


   Some of our Testimonials Recieved in 2006/2007, There are more on pages 2, 3 & 4.


Hi Mike
Sorry not to have replied before but I have been away, arriving back today Thursday, had the slide show!
I am absolutely delighted with how you have presented the slides - I can now give them to my children as a brief glimpse of my life over the last 40 years.  I am sure I have more slides, and when I find them, will send them to you for the "treatment" Thank you once again they are truely "treasured memories" Regards DM Saddleworth (November 2006)
Hi Mike, Thank you for all your excellent work that went into producing my slideshow. The result is fantastic. Your patience and help was much appreciated. R.G. (Kent) (November 2006)

Hi Mike, The DVDS arrived last week - in perfect timing for my mum's 70th birthday celebrations at the weekend.  She is absolutely delighted with them and is telling everyone who will listen about the DVD-it is only a matter of time before everyone gets shown the DVD! My wife and I are really impressed with the show that you have produced from the slides.  In particular, we love the way you have used zoom and various effects to show the slides off to their full impact.  In summary, thank you very much for the great service you have provided. Everything went very smotthly and the finished articles are much more than I had even imagined.  Many Thanks GD South Lanarkshire (November 2006)

CW Hi Mike, Thanks for the excellent service and the DVD's they are suberb.  Nice to deal with a company that cares.  Yours Sincerely CW Derbyshire (November 2006)


Package arrived today. Very pleased with the results. Many thanks. Have recommended you to others. Cheers RC St Albans (December 2006)


Dear Michael, Yes, I have now received the slides back and must say how pleased I am with the resulting TIF files on the DVD's.  I was especially pleased that you were able to produce such good results considering that some of the slides were very old and mounted in their original metal and glass frames. Thank you once again Regards,  RC Betchworth (November 2006)


Completed Order Feedback - Thank you so much. I never thought my very old glass slides would turn out so good. The whole package was great value for money and the quality of slides and the way you got the music to fit marvalous.  It brought a tear to my eye to see my family who are no longer with me. A big thank you. CM St Leonards on Sea (December 2006)


 Sorry Mike. Yes - all now fine. New PC loaded them straight away.  Thank-you SO much for your great service. MERRY CHRISTMAS! KM Cornwall (December 2006)


Completed Order Feedback - Many thanks Mike and co. An excellent job in scanning my March 95 wedding negatives on disk for viewing at a click. It was very moving looking at the photos, especially now some family members are no longer with us or are now very poorly. I would have no hesitation in using your services again or recommending you. Again thank you! KM High Wycombe (January 2007)


Mike, Just to let you know the slides and disk arrived safely today, thanks. I am really pleased with the result. The scans are super quality, much better than I was expecting, and your service has been 1st class. Thanks again. Regards KS Nottingham (January 2007)


Completed Order Feedback - Wow! the quality of the pictures are incredible. Very, very clear, seeing that the slides were nearly 50 years old and in their old paper holders. Thanks. LS Middlesex (January 2007)


Completed Order Feedback - Mike, Happy New Year! The DVD you did for my Mum for Christmas went down a storm - tvm. Sorry I was'nt able to drop in over christmas. RE Lincoln (January 2007)


Hi Mike - parcel arrived this morning, and we're delighted!  Music fitted in OK and I'm sure Deb will be pleased with her surprise birthday present.  Sorting out the next batch for you! TG Leicester (January 2007)


Michael, Slides arrived and very pleased thank you. I will be sorting out some more for another order shortly Many Thanks ST Southampton (January 2007)


Hi Mike, Good to hear they've arrived OK. Since my last email I've been working over the last batch. Impressed, you've done a good job - also need to say thanks for numbering the image files slides according to the transparency number (when visible). It makes the job of sorting and re-cataloging much quicker. Best regards JM Hope Valley (January 2007)


Hi Mike, Our slides and dvd arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Fiona says you've worked wonders on the slides.  All the small flecks and specks have disappeared.   We are pleased that you've managed to lighten some of the darker slides so that we can now see details which were not visible even when the slides are projected onto our large screen at home. I'm very pleased that you've removed the "end of film" holes on my graduation photo and Fiona is delighted that you were able to remove most of the large thumb print on one of her favourite photos. Thank you very very much. BE Edinburgh (January 2007)


Hi Mike - DVD arrived safely this morning.  I was pleased with the way you arranged the timing of the music to get both tracks of our music on, and the presentation looks very professional......I am busy working on the next batch. Be in touch soon. Again, many thanks. AG Leicester (January 2007)


Dear Mr Hansborough,  Our daughter SM brought the DVD you had produced celebrating our Golden Wedding...........We are very pleased with the result and the imaginitive way yo displayed the photos.......We are very grateful to you and your staff, for thier expertise........ With best wishes.  IHT Staffs (February 2007)


Hi Mike - Yes, parcel received and Jan and I have just had our first viewing. You have done a really marvellous job, photos and music and voices all absolutely spot on.  ..........!   We're delighted with the finished product and as we celebrate our Silver Wedding later this year, the DVD will not have time to cool down!.....  Again, well done.  Many thanks from us both, AG Leicester (February 2007)


Hi Mike, I had a look at the slide scans, no problems, very pleased with them KC  B-Line Copying & Imaging Centre Wakefield (February 2007)


Hi Michael, Picked up the slides from the sorting office this morning. Very impressed.... there will be more! Thanks GL Middlesex (February 2007)


Hi Mike, Many thanks for your prompt attention.  The slides arrived back today. Regards, BH Devon (February 2007) Butterfly Conservation Devon Branch


 Helo, just had to call to say what a great job you have done on the old slides of Abingdon.  They are much better than I could have expected.  Many thanks WC Abingdon (February 2007)


Completed Order Feedback - I was absolutely amazed when i received the DVD, not only was the service very quick, but Mike was very helpful throughout the whole process making sure of things, double checking etc, and when i received the DVD i was amazed - it is even more fantastic than I could have imagined - and the person I had done it for was so taken back by the gift, I really can't thank you enough and will definitely be using you again in the very near future. Thanks again. KF Peterborough (February 2007)


Hi.Mike,  Sorry I have taken so long to thank you but have been very busy.We were absolutely delighted with our DVD of treasured memories.How nice it was to be reminded of so many happy occasions!Got the old grey cells going too trying to remember when and where.You have done an amazing job on some of the more faded images and I am glad I didn't  throw  away those particular slides without letting you work your magic on them.It will be nice to pass the DVD's on to our sons so they will have a record of their early childhood. Thanks BW Saddleworth (February 2007)


Thanks, another impressive set of scans, one day I will sort some more out! GL Middlesex (March 2007)


Thanks, Mike, The Post Office screwed-up a little with the delivery but I managed to collect it from them yesterday afternoon. I'm off to Oz tonight,,,,,,,,, so it all worked !  Thank you for your time & patience and also for keeping me fully informed of progress.... good customer service is hard to find nowadays. I shall recommed you to my colleagues and friends. Regards TO Aylesbury (March 2007)


Hi Mike – photos and CD arrived safely. Scanned images are great – many thanks. Next batch will be sent down to you next week. KG Fife (March 2007)




Hi Mike, Just phoned to say that the Slideshow was great, everything we wanted and more.....  KA Holmfirth (March 2007)


Thanks, another impressive set of scans, one day I will sort some more out! GL Middlesex (March 2007)


Mike, Got the slides back today, have just looked at them. Very pleased with the outcome, so glad we took the time to have some of our old slides done.  You have done an extremely good job and I won't hesitate to recommend you. PH Lancashire (Marche 2007)


Mike, Just recieved my photos and to say that I am happy with them would be an understatement of epic proportions. Absolutely blown away didn’t think you would be able to do much with the poor quality old pics I sent. I cant believe that they now print with almost perfect clarity. Thank you so much you will certainly make my Mums 60th birthday a very special day now. Regards KE Kent (March 2007)


Hi Michael, Photographs have arrived,  so you can close my order. Thank you very much, the quality is good - even too good, ............ I am going through my photo albums to pick some older photos to be scanned and will come back to you to request a quote for some further work soon.  Thanks and best regards, PS London (March 2007)


Hi Michael, Thank you for the return of my slides and for the disc.  They arrived safely this morning and they look great.  Your service has done just what was promised.  Thank you again RB Birmingham (March 2007)


Hi Mike, Received CD, negatives and cheque today. Thank you so much for all your help and proffessional approach. Kind regards MS Co Durham (March 2007)


Hi Michael, Slides & discs arrived safely today. Had a quick scan through & they look great. Cheque for the balance on its way. Regards, IL Londong (March 2007)


Hello Michael, The cd's arrived this morning, thank you so much! I will definitely place some more orders in future......Many thanks again, I am going to leave a feedback on your website shortly, MP Wibledon (March 2007)


Completed Order Feedback - Hi Mike, Many thanks for the speedy service. Our Slides and CD arrived safely. You did a wonderful job on all our slides even to the extent of re-scanning a couple of them for us to get the best possible result. Even the really old slides that had dirt and scratches all over them came back looking bright and new with not a mark on them - fantastic job. Highly recommended. I will be printing some of these off as a surprise for my Dad who's 60 later this month who I'm sure will be over the moon with them and bring back many happy memories. Thanks again for all your help Mike and all the team at Treasured Memories. Kind regards SF Hertfordshire (March 2007)


Hi Mike, I have received the DVD's this morning, everything looks great..... Many thanks for doing this, can't wait to see the show. DW Wiltshire (March 2007)


Dear Mike, Our CD has arrived today and we have thoroughly enjoyed some memories from a long time ago. Thankyou for your efficient service. I shall certainly recommend you to others, yours sincerely. JM Bexhill on Sea (April 2007) 


Hi Mike, Slides have arrived & I have had a quick look & they bring back lots of memories. Many thanks for an excellent service. I would recommend your service to any one. Thanks again EM Jersey (April 2007)


Hi mike, I have received the DVDs and my slides, thank you very much.I have had a quick look at the DVD and you have done it so well..I am so pleased with your work..I will be showing it to a friend that seemed interested when i was telling her of your service...... I will probably get back to you with some even older photo's Many thanks CW Sturmer (April 2007)


Hello, Thank you very much for putting my slides onto DVD. They arrived in time for the weekend when I met up with my sisters and we had great fun watching it. It was a first class service - thank you very much. I would recommend the service to anyone.  ....Best wishes RL Essex (April 2007)
PS For your informaton, it was your website that attracted me in the first place. Very eye catching and very easy to use.


Dear Sirs I have today received the DVD you did for me for my Mums Tribute - I am absolutely over the moon....shed many a tear, but I am so pleased with it....thank you so much.................... Many many thanks again DD Stoke on Trent (May 2007)


Thank you for a prompt and perfect service. I am really chuffed with the scanned images. And I am giving your web site details to my freinds and relatives. could you please give me a quote for the following: ..... Truly Treasured Memories Rediscoverd....... PS Lossiemouth (May 2007)


Hi just ringing to say what a great job you have done with my slides, I am very impriessed.  Will be sending some more next week.  RRD Grantham (May 2007)


Mike, My order arrived this morning and I am delighted with the results. I have just filled out a second online order form ready to send in a further 50 slides. Thank you for your communications and excellent service. KP Middlesex May (2007)


Parcel arrived safely first thing this a.m. - very pleased with the results. ...  I'll let you know when the next batch is is sent. Again excellent job, Mike.  TG Liecester (May 2007)


Good morning Mike – I poured a glass of wine, sat down with my wife and proceeded to re-live a chunk of my childhood. It is very good and I am heartily pleased with your presentation of the family album. I am perfectly sure that other family members in far- flung places will welcome this surprise DVD and be charmed and heart warmed by it. I am grateful to you for your efficient and sensitive service to this project and delighted to have a quality result. There is a cheque in the post, rounded up !! in the hope that your accountant will permit me to buy you a drink! – I will be delighted to recommend your service to others, meantime and with best wishes and thanks - MF  (May 2007)


Hi Michael, We’ve received our slideshow back and we are really pleased with it. I am compiling another slideshow to send to you early next week  PJ  Tewkesbury  (May 2007)


Mike, Thaks for doing a great job.  My order arrived today.  MC (May 2007)


Hi Mike, Just to let you know my slides and DVD's have arrived.  I am absolutely delighted with the way you have presented them.   I am giving my two daughters a copy each and I am sure they will be surprised and delighted as I was to have a record of their childhood and memories of their grandparents who are sadly no longer with us.   I will be passing on your website to my friends and family.   Thanks again for an excellent service.   YR Warrington (May 2007)


Dear Mike, Thank you for sending back my original slides and your produced DVD o all the images.  The quality of the pictures are fantastic and we have thouroughly enjoyed looking at them again, but appreciating the extra detail brought out as a result of your quality service....... Thanks again much appreciated.   JD (Jun 2007)


Mike, Very Many Thanks, I just recieved back my slide and your enclosed disc.What can i say!!!!!!!!! Fantastic service-Fantastic quality-And all at very reasonable prices. Well done to all concerned! Thanks again. CH  (June 2007)
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