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Treasured Memories Testimonials

"Your Perception of our Service is of Paramount-Importance to Treasured Memories".

We have published almost every comment we have ever received from our customers since we began trading.  We are very proud of these comments and have made more pages available to our testimonials than our sales information pages, because we believe that they say more about us than anything we could print.

Here at Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd, we ask all our customers to provide feedback on the products and services provided.  We Guarantee to publish all comments and unless we have asked your permission do not identify you by name..  These comments help us to improve our services for future customers.  We now have so many that they take up a large part of our website.  We print every comment we get, and we highlight the ones that we think are most indicative of our services,


You can provide feedback by completing our Feedback form, by telephone, letter or e-mail.  


Treasured Memories would like to thank all our customers who took the time to write or call.  The feedback you provide is much appreciated by all concerned. We would also like to thank our Scanning Staff, Ann June & Sue, without whose efforts these comments would not have been made.



More Recent Testimonials.


   Some of our Testimonials Recieved in 2007, There are many more on pages 2, 3, & 4. 


Mike, your promotional DVD gave us a good idea of the standard of service we were likely to get, but we were absolutely delighted with the final result.  You have matched the photos to our musical choice with great accuracy, which completely reflects the mood we were try-ing to create.  We now look forward with great anticipation to the first public showing of the slide-show at our daughter's wedding in late July.
Many thanks for your superb proffessional service, Sincerely, D & L S  (June 2007)


Mike,  Many thanks for the Beautiful DVD of Treasured Memories.  The DVD played a major part in the proceedings on Saturday and gave many people as well as ourselves, much pleasure from seeing those who are now becoming distant memories to many.  Thanks again for an excellent job. Regards ML Cheshire (July 2007)


Michael, Many thanks for the safe return of the order which I picked up today from my sorting office. I must say, I'm very impressed with the quality of the scans, the colours of Africa and the seas of Belize have come out very well. The ordering of the slides also made transferring them to my computer much simpler. I now need to acquire one of those digital photo frames to show off my photos, something I couldn't have done without your service. Regards KS Kent (July 2007)


Hi, I received these today, delighted with the outcome. ............Thanks,  L-AB London  (July 2007)

Thanks for getting the slides back so quickly. They arrived last Thursday.We have viewed them on the PC and on the TV and the family are very impressed with the quality considering the slides are between 35 and 40 years old, spending the last several years in the garage. Well done, thanks again. DW (July 2007) 

 SOR Hi Mike.  I received the  slides today , The  dvd is fantastic and the sound is brilliant . Can't wait to see my brothers face on his wedding day , he will kill me .Many thanks to you and your team for this fantastic slideshow.Best Regards SOR Watford  (July 2007)


Dear Mike, Thank you for the DVD and scanned images, we are very pleased with the quality of the pictures.  ZK Herts (July 2007)


Good morning Mike, Just to let you know that the slideshow arrived back safely this morning and, having viewed it already, I can once again say you have done a very good job. Many thanks AG Cambs (July 2007)


Hi Mike, DVD safely received this a.m.   Again, another fine job and the music seems to have worked out well.   Delighted to have another family memento.  Enjoy your break - I'll be back in touch later in the summer. TG Liecester (July 2007)


Hi Michael, have just watched the DVD and it is hugely better so thank you very much for redoing all the music changes. It does make quite a big difference when viewing it. I am very pleased with the results and quite excited at the thought of sharing it with my Mum and sisters next week. Yes please do hold the DVD for a month. We may want more copies. I think now I will have to organise my own family slides and get you to do one for us...not sure when though but I will definitely be in touch. Have a good and flood free summer. It is fine here but permanently raining! kind regards, CS Harpenden (July 2007)


Completed Order Feedback - Delighted with results,brought many happy memories JL Lancashire (July 2007)




Completed Order Feedback - Got my photos back today...fantastic job....I am really happy. I will come back when I have more photos ready. Thank you. SB (September 2007)


Hi Mike, Yeah...totally chuffed with the work you have done...brings back some memories! I have just told a very good friend of mine about your Company and she wants the website address...so I will pass it on and hope that she gives you some business. As I said, I am going to look through my Mum's old photo albums and will come back to you again when I have sorted through these. Thanks again and feel free to use my comments on your site. Kind regards SB (September 2007)


Hi Mike, All received, played, AND ALBSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! They will go down well, I am sure I will get a few tears for the romantic one too. Thanks and much appreciated, will certainly recommend or use you again if  need arises. Just need to work out the logistics of how to set it up and play them at the wedding. SE (September 2007)


Hi Mike,   Received my slides and CDís today, many thanks.  We have sat and watched them today via the computer and have already sent some via email.  We are over the moon, they have come out brilliantly. Its great to see them without all the rigmarole of the projector plus screen (now dumped).  Have recommended your company to friends really pleased with the results.  Having been born in Leeds I should have known that my home town would not have let me down. Thanks once again.  AM (September 2007)


Completed Order Feedback - My order arrived this morning and I was absolutely thrilled with the results! The slides were over 40 yers old so i am amazed at the quality of the DVD. The music fits really well. I was really impressed with the personal and swift service. Thanks very much. AH (October 2007)


Hi Michael, Just got the parcel today from DHL! Its lovely, thank you. Will ring you to sort out payment...computer still down at home, so if you reply to this i might not get it for a while. many thanks for turning this round so fast. LP (October 2007)


Received the DVDs and the photos today.  I have just watched the slideshow end to end and I am delighted with the result.  The quality is excellent and I couldn't be happier with the show.  Thank you for all your hard work and for providing an excellent service from start to finish.  I will certainly be recommending you to all my friendS. Please feel free to post these comments on your website.  If you prefer I can  post a comment there as well. SH York (October 2007)


I am very satisfied with the results and have transferred the pictures to my computer and successfully printed some for a family album which I am gradually building as well as a framed collage of pictures of my parents. I shall certainly recommend your services to friends. LC (October 2007)


Dear Mike Thank you - the CD arrived this morning.  I can't wait to embarrass my grown up children with these images of when they were much younger. SK (October 2007)


Hi Mike - Yep, recorded delivery package arrived and I've just run it through - another excellent job and I have no doubt it will bring tears and smiles when J sees it.  Thanks for all the trouble you've taken to get it here. TG Leicester (October 2007) 


Hi Mike, The slides and disc arrived safely today and I am really pleased with them. This is a gift for my parents at Christmas and I'm sure they will love it!!!! They have hundreds more slides at home and I'm sure you will get a lot of business out of them once they've viewed the disc!, Many thanks RE (October 2007)


Completed Order Feedback - fantastic service wonderful slideshow thank you so much just amazing highly recommended AJ Bournemouth (October 2007)


Dear Mike - I cannot thank you enough for the care you have taken, having entrusted my precious slides to you! .....You have given me an  absolutely first-rate service, and your acknowledgment on the phone that you had received my slides safely was a great relief, as of course they could never be replaced..... can see that we are going to be in touch for quite a time until all my slide-shows are sorted etc. There are many people in my age group who need a little more help, and I will tell them that your excellent service does just that. SC (October 2007)


Hi Michael,Photos arrived today.  Thank you, I am delighted with them.  The quality was very good considering the age of some of the photos.  I will certainly use your service again. CM (October 2007)


Completed Order Feedback - My order arrived this morning and I was absolutely thrilled with the results! The slides were over 40 yers old so i am amazed at the quality of the DVD. The music fits really well. I was really impressed with the personal and swift service. Thanks very much. AH (October 2007)


thanks so much. very speedy efficient service. v rare these days!  CF (October 2007) 


Hullo Mike, DVD received Saturday and we are delighted with the results. Thank you and your family of helpers for doing such a great job and also for the very warm reception you and your wife afforded us when we brought the slides to your house. We haven't had time to do the editing our sons require but I am sure that should be no problem. Having seen the results of this transfer we almost wish we had brought all of our slides for processing rather than be selective. Never mind, we know where you are if we decide to do that in future. Our best wishes to you and your family KO (November 2007)


Hi Mike, My negatives and disc arrived safely this morning. You did say you would appreciate a few comments so I thought I would add them with this return mail. There were only a couple of minor things. Some of the images were mirror flipped. The obvious one being the car number plate...... My main worry was the age of the film - taken in the seventies. You got rid of the color cast as many of the negs had turned an orange color. There must have been a lot of fading too. They are good big files and the definition is excellent. My Athlon 64 3000  groans a bit but I'm not complaining, I can always make smaller copies for reference. The photos were taken on my fathers old Rolleiflex - that too was attacked by mould....... Alltogether you did a fantastic rescue job on these old negatives. I really appreciate the work done. Excellent value for money. Many thanks, PG (November 2007)


Thank you for the lovely CD received today.  The pictures bring back many happy memories.  CS (November 2007)


Hi Mike - just to let you know that J was delighted with the DVD - tissues all round for that one - and your product was the high-light of her birthday celebrations.   Thanks again.   Still working on D's DVD, haven't enough photo's just yet. Kind regards, TG (November 2007)


Hi Mike,I received the negs and photos thru the post this morning and paid your paypal invoice. The quality is stunning we can't thank you enough. Shame the photographer on the day was so bad.....I'm very impressed with the service you gave us and wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to others. If you would like me to write a small testimonial for your site then just let me know. Cheers, GC (December 2007)


Mike,  Many thanks, all received OK.  the last time we saw these slides was after spending a hour or so putting up the projector and screen etc, only for my parents to fall a sleep half way through, that was 15 years ago, so it was great to see them again, brought some tears to our eyes. we intend now to forward remainder of our slides when we get xmas out of the way, approx 1000 or so, then we can relive our past life in south Africa, and have our adult children see their past. again, a good job done, we were very surprised at quality obtained from 30 year old slides. B & L T (December 2007)


Hi Mike, Many thanks for the slideshow discs which I received yesterday.  The discs will make a wonderful Christmas gift for my elderly parents - so much more convenient to watch on their TV and much less space consuming than the slides.  Thank you for your helpfulness during my initial enquiry and also for letting me know when the slides were safely in your possession and on the way back to me.  Cheque is on it's way. Regards GD (December 2007)


Hi Mike,Slides arrived safetly. 45 years of memories on one disc, some slides we hadn't seen for that many years. Absolutely wonderful. Many thanks CM (December 2007)


Many thanks for the digital copies of our slides. The image quality is excellent with all dust and scratches eliminated. The images have the same numbers as on the slide boxes, and all the slides have been replaced in the correct slots. This is very helpful..... RHN Suffolk (December 2007)


Dear Michael, Many many thanks for a superb slideshow which was much better and more professional than we expected. Unfortunately, we have a probelm with the DVDs which we have just watched on our television. About three quarters way through the slideshow, 4 or 5 pictures fragmented into little squares. Both DVDs did the same at exactly the same place...... so will contact you on Monday morning to chat about what we can do.   Hi Mike, Many, many thanks for all the trouble you have been to. We have checked out the two new copies just in case - and they are perfect. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends. MT (December 2007)

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