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Treasured Memories Slideshows

How to Order a Slideshow

What Slides and Photos should I select for My Slideshow! 
Try to ensure you select your best photos and slides for display on your Slideshow.  Slides and Photos that are out of focus are very noticeable when displayed at the size of your television screen.  All sizes and shapes of photographs will go onto your Slideshow,  Horizontal photos are better than vertical ones, as they are the same shape as your television screen, vertical shots are fine, but do not always fit to the edges of the screen.  Square photos (4 x 4) are also good as they can often be zoomed to fit the whole of the screen. 

Where possible select photos where the subject is in the middle of the picture as it is likely we can zoom in and enlarge the image during display.  Select images that are interesting to you and have meaning.  Try not to have a whole series of  photos that are all the same, 6 shots of  "John" blowing out his birthday candles would be on screen for over a minute, or mix up your shots so that they do not follow in order.  However the choice is yours and we will always build your Slideshow exactly as you want it to look. 

When selecting slides try not to select too many where the slide is very dark, these will be made brighter during scanning process but this can also cause grain to appear where the dark area has been improved, when we do brighten dark images, we always use electronic grain correction software to reduce the grain to a minimum.  Where slides are very dirty have lots of dust and scratches on them we use Digital ICE to reduce this effect, this can be very effective but will not remove every bit of dirt or dust.

Try never to touch your slides as fingerprints can cause serious damage and are very difficult to remove.

Step 1.  Gather Together You're Images ! 
Decide at this stage if your Slideshow is to have a theme and an order or is just a delightful mishmash of your Treasured Memories.  If your Slideshow is themed for example a Wedding, put them into the order you would like them shown.   If no order is selected the producer will decide on the order when putting the show together.   If you have decided to declare an order, put the photographs in the correct order and number them and declare that they must be shown in order.  If sending 35mm Slides that are difficult to decide which way up they should be, it is useful if you mark the edge of the slide or photo with an arrow pointing at the Top.

Do not write on Photographs in Ink or Felt Tip Pen as this can damage the photograph beneath it. 

If you are sending 35mm slides of  varying age, please mark the view from side, as some older slides do not state this and the viewing side is sometimes difficult to ascertain with older film types. 

Step 2. Decide on the Cover Picture
Our premier service has some additional features for example, your corrected images will be transferred in JPEG format onto your DVD or separate disc.  Allowing you to archive them onto a computer and if required print them.  Slides and Photos and Negatives are scanned at a higher resolution to allow printing and all copies of your DVD & Case Cover are personalised with a picture from your show and your Show Title.  This makes the show an excellent gift package and is now provided Free of charge.   The Order Form Defaults to Yes when ordering.

Step 3.  Length of Slideshow! 
Decide how many images (Photographs, Slides or Negatives) you would like in your Slideshow.  We recommend that the maximum size of a Slide Show is about 200 - 250 photographs, slides or negatives, (We can squeeze a few extra on if required).  If you have more than this there is no problem we will cut more than 1 Slideshow, there is no extra cost all over 50 are charged at the current rate for additional images.  Remember that an average time on screen including the Transition (Time between one Photograph and the Next) is about 12 seconds.  However you can decide how long each Photograph will last if you wish, just indicate the time in seconds for each photo on your Order Form.  Also remember that the Music and Photographs need to end at the same time, some slides may be made slightly longer or shorter to accommodate this.

Step 4.  Decide on You're Music! 
Remember that Each Slide is about 12 seconds long (Unless you have decided differently) You can decide what order the Music can be played.   If you have chosen an order of each photograph you can work out approx when a particular photograph and song will be shown.  If you have a requirement that a particular song starts exactly on a particular photograph we can accommodate this if you let us know.  Don't forget to send us your music CD or if you wish we will purchase an Easy listening CD from the list on our order form, there is an additional charge for this service.  In addition one track of your music will be put onto your Menu if you wish you can select this track or we will put an appropriate track on the Menu for you.  We do not use copies of Music, it must be the original CD.

Step 5.  Decide on You're Title! 
Just like any good film your Slideshow can have a Title.  You can have a Text Title displayed on your first slide, for example, "Jack and Jill's Wedding Day" once you have decided on the Title just enter it on the Order Form.  If you don't want one just type None.  If you don't request Title, the show will be called "Memories"

Step 6.  Decide if you are going to put text on the show! 
If you want text on your photographs you will need to  send us a listing explaining where the text is to appear. 

We usually put the text on for approx half the time the slide is displayed so that it does not detract from the image, but once again you can choose, just let us know your requirements.  You can also add full text slides into your slideshow, for example if you wanted to say that the next set of images were of our trip to the Zoo, again just send us a note with your photos and slides saying what you want.  Current prices for text and text slide are on our price list. 

Step 7.   Get a Quote, (Order Form Discontinued)!  
Email us for a Quote.

Step 8.  Post your Images Music and Payment!

If You post your Order, Photographs, 35mm Slides, Negatives and Music, it is recommended that you use registered post.  You can send a valid cheque or postal order with your order, we can also send you a PayPal invoice or Invoice you on completion.  Please make sure you Include Your Name, Address and contact details with your photographs.

Cheques should be made payable to: 

Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd.

Step 9.   When we receive you're order! 
When you're photographs arrive we will E-Mail or contact you to confirm that they have been received, your order should be ready for dispatch within the next 15 working days.  If for any reason we can not complete within the above timescale, we will contact you to let you know a new delivery date.  We endeavour to ensure that all projects are dealt with in strict order of receipt.  We do not normally push other orders back to complete Rush Deliveries, however if you have a deadline, let us know and we will do everything we can to fulfil your requirements.

Step 10. You're DVD and Any other Materials are returned
On completion of your project we send your DVD and return your photographs plus any other material by Royal Mail Recoded Delivery.  We will also Email you to confirm it has been dispatched.

Additional Copies of You're Slideshow within 21 Days. 
Send an E-Mail with your requirements to the Address on our 
Contact Page. Then post your cheque, when we receive your payment we will send out your additional copies.

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