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Treasured Memories Testimonials

"Your Perception of our Service is Important to Us.

Our Latest Testimonials 2019

We have published Many of the comments we have received from our customers over the years, since we began trading. We try to provide a few every month to keep visitors informed.

We are very proud of these comments and have made more pages available to our testimonials than our sales information pages, because we believe that they say more about us than anything we could print. 

Here at Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd, we ask all our customers to provide feedback on the products and services provided.  We try to publish  as many as possible and unless we have asked your permission do not identify you by name. These comments help us to improve our services for future customers. We now have so many that they take up a large part of our website.  We print every comment we get, and we highlight the ones that we think are most indicative of our services, 

You can provide feedback, Just drop us an email letting us know what you though of our service.  

Treasured Memories would like to thank all our customers who took the time to write or call. The feedback you provide is much appreciated by all concerned. We would also like to thank our Scanning Staff, Ann June & Sue, without whose efforts these comments would not have been made.

Hi Michael,

Yes, the USBs are here safe thanks.
Very interesting viewing and thank you for your excellent service, I am very pleased.

Kind regards

Dear Mike, huge apologies for the late payment.
Many thanks for your excellent service, I will recommend you to anyone.
Kind regards,

Margaret S

Dear Mike
Just to let to let you know that the album of negatives has just been delivered safely. I am really grateful for all your work on preserving these images for me.
Many thanks


Hi Mike

Picked up the pics today. Really pleased. Thank you. Not bad for nearly 100 years old

Thanks again


Dear Mike,
Just to say the slides have arrived safely and now had time to take a look at the digital results, which look great.
"Thanks for a really great service, the process from start to finish was flawless and we felt very reassured by your process for the safety of the slides, until the images were securely saved on the USB stick and all returned safely, to the quality we would expect for sixty year old slides". Pete & Jane Fox

Please post this feedback as you wish
Please thank all those responsible.
We wish you and the business well.

Kind regards

Pete F

Hi Mike
Just been through the pictures.
Weíve had such fun looking at them Ė they are brilliant!
Thank you so much.
Iíve left the negative envelopes in Crete, so canít sort out my discrepancies until I get them back.
Iím planning on doing another lot soon. Iíve got to have a hip replacement, and have a week off in mid Feb before the op, so Iím hoping to get them done then. Iíll have the envelopes back by then so I should be able to sort out the absent strip and include it then.
Thank you again,


Hi Mike
It was excellent quality work, and fast. Thanks again.

Jon T

Received today, half an hour ago. They are better than expected, thanks very much.
I have transferred £X to your account.
Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure doing business in such a polite and civilized way

Chris P


Thank you for the sample scanning. I am pleased with the results. I have such a massive collection I havenít yet got my head round the most economic way to tackle the task.

I will revert with the next batch when I have the next selection.


Alistair 2018

Dear Michael
Negatives and scans arrived yesterday, all look great
Have transfered the remaining balance 
Scans all look excellent, thanks for a great service.
Best Wishes


You have made an old man very, very happy. The tears are rolling down my cheeks as I am typing.

The pictures were taken in 1988 and are of my late-wife, daughter, son and me. We were living in Germany and went on a holiday to Italy by car. Recovering these means so much. Thank you.

Derek M 2018

Hi Mike,

  1. Have just paid you bill via bank transfer.
  2. Package arrived on Wednesday, unfortunately, 20 minutes before we got back from a shopping trip (Sods Law). The bonus was I got unexpected exercise yesterday in walking to our local Sorting Office to collect it.
  3. We were both delighted with the results. Havenít seen the slides for years. The earliest date back to í79 Ė í81 Ė ish.

Thanks for your efforts. Iíll be using your services again in the future. Iíve got some 35mm railway slides & negs to process. Can you handle 1Ē colour and b&w negatives? These were taken using a Brownie 44A.

Cheers, Sinclair. 2018

Hi Mike

Yes, I am sorry I didnít get back to you. We watched last weekend, had some laughs and a few tears. But it worked fine on the TV

Thank you so much

Louise 2018

Hi Mike,

Jpeg's of photos look great! Many thanks!! Sorry for the delay in transfering payment, I had problems with my access keypad for my bank account. Have a new one now!

best wishes,

Annette 2018

Dear Michael,

Thank you for returning my slides and the jpg images.

I am totally thrilled to see these images from my adventures in 1971 and 1972.

And very surprised how good the quality of the images is.

All round a big thank you.

I have paid your invoice this morning, putting my name as ĎBBí as the reference.

all best wishes

Bridey 2018

Hello Mike,

These look great, please proceed.

Thanks, Best Wishes,

Mick M 2018

i Mike

Pictures arrived safely this morning, thank you so much for your excellent service.

Best wishes

Sheila 2018

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the photos, they are great! I have paid £x into you account

Joy 2018

Michael, many thanks for what you have done. I'm sure they're an improvement on my originals. There's no need to print any. I can get them done. If you let me know what I owe you altogether I will send a cheque.... Geoff 2018

Hi Mike Thank you for a fantastic do. The Memory stick arrived this morning. Your cheque(No xxxx) should reach you on Tuesday 20 or the 21st.
I believe you do a similar service for Photos ? We have some 50 flim albums of photos are they the same sort of price?

Alan. 2018

Hello Mike - You have done it again! The show is more than I imagined it would be and it is so nice to see paintings on the screen a lot of which were sold a long time ago -Like old friends revisited. You are a clever man! I would like 5 copies of this please.

If you give me the cost of this, including postage, I will add it to the invoice you sent and will forward a cheque for the full amount, if that suits you.

Meantime, with many thanks for a job so beautifully executed - Morgan 2017

Hi Mike 

Many thanks all received and great thanks. Money transferred 86.39.

 Best wishes

Jane M 2017

Hi Mike, photos were great, thanks. Made payment today in HSBC Glasgow at lunchtime. Stephen.

Dear Micheal,
Thankyou so much for the great service,and the quality of the DVD.I have now done my photo book for my mums Birthday she will be delighted.
Thanks Again.
Jill M 2017

Hi Mike, 
slides safely received- many thanks for the wonderful scans 
best regards
Jon 2016

Hey Mike, 
Thanks. . . the scans were really good.
Payment  has been made. . . .Please let me know that you got it OK. 
Thanks again. 
Nigel. 2016

Thank you Mr Hansborough.  Sorry for the delay replying, I missed the postman and had a delay in picking them up.  They look lovely thank you.I will arrange payment today. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Deborah C

Hi slideshow and photos arrived safely.We re very pleased with what you ve done inspite of some of photos being a bit tatty! Our son in Australia will be thrilled.I ll put a cheque in the post tomorrow. Thanks. Joan Cumine. 2016

Hi Mike - slides and DVD arrived safe and sound. Have made the payment into your account.

Very pleased with the quality! 

Thank you very much.

Best regards, John 2016

Mike Ė all arrived safely many thanks.  And before lunch too! 
Very pleased with the results Ė particularly some of the discs which are surprisingly good. 

Will settle your bill right away.

 Cheers Charles 2016

Hi Mike

I'm very impressed.  If I can offer a testimonial or give feedback in any forums/sites please let me know.  I'll most certainly be sharing your info with friends and family.

Thanks Duncan 2016

Hi Mike,

Many thanks for the confirmation. I have to confess I forgot to count them before I sent them to you! But thanks for the quote, I will let Chris know. I did speak to him briefly yesterday and he suggested that there may be more negatives to send over to you, so just to let you know. We have both been singing your praises also and I think a colleague of ours might be in touch about some images also..

Zone H East of England National Trust 2016


Thank you so much for your transferring achievement. Lots of old evocative pictures of our middle aged family as babies.

Well done
Martin E 2016

Hi Mike 

Discs have arrived and the results are excellent, for which many thanks.

 I have today paid your Invoice by Bank Transfer.

 I will be sending you the other colour negatives sometime next week.

 Kind regards Richard 2016


We found these on our return last night. They are great, thank you for doing such a good job on them, they have come out well despite their age.

We think they must be saying from just after the first world war, we had originally thought they were earlier than that.

The next step is to try and identify the people, we have some clues and recognise one, so this will keep us occupied.

Thank you again for a job well done.

Alan 2016

Hello Mike 

Many thanks for sending the discs. We looked at the slideshow yesterday: just what we wanted!

I have have done an electronic transfer this morning The money should be with you today. 

I hope to send another batch of slides in the coming weeks.. 

Regards David 2016

Thank you Michael, I have done a Direct Transfer to your Bank . This should be in your account within the next 2 hours. 

I have found another 4 old negatives, would you be able to print these for me as well ? 

I also have a number of old black and white photos that I would like copies of to send to New Zealand. Is this something you do ?

 Regards Lesley H 2016

PS the photos which arrived today are excellent !!

Good morning Mike, 

I received the disks/negatives back yesterday, I'm pleased to say that the scanned images were much better than someone else had previously done from the same negatives! 

Thank you 

Regards Mike B 2016

Dear Mike,
When you had done your great work a few years ago on my many previous slides, I'd forgotten about 100 additional slides, roughly, of our most treasured memories, so could you please quote up to date prices?
Thanks, best wishes,
Charles. 2016

Hi Mike, would just like to say that the family were all presented with their USBís in time for Christmas and are absolutely delighted with them.

Two brothers who I know are very IT proficient were thrilled with how it had all been laid out and the ease with which you could move round it.

So, just to say thank you to you,  your staff for all the work you did for us.

Best wishes to all for 2016.   Maureen

Very many thanks. Delighted!

Kind Regards

Chris Sep 14

Hi Ė Many thanks for our pictures received today. They certainly took us back over the years! We are very impressed with your product and service and wonít hesitate to recommend you to our friends. My wife is now busy trawling through our other boxes so I expect you will hear from us in the future. Many thanks again.

Regards. Tim. Sep 14

Hi. The discs have arrived and look good. Thank you. The invoice has been paid by bank transfer. Martin Sep 14

Hi Mike

Just to let you know my DVD slideshow arrived this am,thank you for the prompt and efficient service,I am delighted with the result,I shall be sorting out another set of slides to get another DVD made so shall be in touch shortly.

Sandra Sep 14


Just to let you know that the disc arrived OK and we are very pleased with the result. Many thanks. The money should now be in your account. Its fascinating to see just how much camera technology has moved on in that time!

David Sep 14

Hi Mike,

My slides arrived here a short while ago.  I have already loaded them and viewed them and they look great.  I will be sharing them with my brother and sister and know that they will be equally impressed.  Many thanks.

I have also just made a bank transfer to the details on your invoice so it should be there shortly.

Thank you again

Sue 2014

Hello Mike

Sorry for not getting back sooner but I've been away.

All the discs came good with the missing slides now downloaded. Maybe now is the time to send originals down here and clear out some clutter from your workplace.

I must say that I've been very happy with what you've done and would commend anyone to use Treasured Memories.

With Thanks and Best Wishes

Richard 2014

Hi Mike,  

I received the disc, thank you very much, my Grandad is going to be very pleased.  I have sent payment over today by bank transfer

 Kind regards 

Jennifer  2014

Dear Sirs

Many thanks for the return of the slides and negs, and for the DVD, absolutely delighted with the results, very well done, Cheque enclosed, I hope to use your services in the not too distant future

Philip 2014

Thank you Mike

They arrived yesterday afternoon. The packet looked a bit battered but all intack and the scanned photos are great. I have just transferred the payment. 

When I get back from SA I will send another batch 

Thank you very much 

Jenny 2014

Good evening Mike 

Slides received safely Ė all superb, thanks (apart from one that you must have missed, but not to worry as Iíll be sending you another box in the fairly near future...)

Regards, Jeff 2014

Hello, Mike, 

The parcel has arrived safely and I've unpacked it - all OK. Thank you. 

I'm still "wallowing" in the presentation, and sometimes put it on as background when doing other things. 

Best wishes for another successful year, in a business which must bring much pleasure to many people. 


Dear Mike,

The parcel was barely out of the postman's hand, ripped open, and one of the DVD's put straight into the player - I was SO excited! I knew that you would make a first class show, because of the reviews on your website, and we weren't disappointed. 

The DVD is absolutely fabulous, and I can't thank you enough. As well as being a wonderful record and keepsake of Dad's artwork and humour,  these DVDs will make beautiful gifts for our family members this Christmas. 

There was quite a coincidence, too. When I saw the picture of the swans on the front, I raced upstairs to investigate something. Dad had a very close friend, also an artist, and when he died, she painted a lovely picture of two swans, and made it into a card. In it she wrote, "Dear Frank, you were a lovely friend........and substitute father for me............now you are with your beloved Mavis, two swans swimming in God's beautiful pond" 

How wonderful that you should have chosen to put a picture of two swans on this work of art of yours! 

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! 

Blessings to you and your extended family this Christmas time, 


Thanks Mike - they've arrived today. They look terrific - thanks so much.

I'll pay you later on by bank transfer. 

Thanks once again for a great service. 


Mark 2014

They've arrived and are lovely. Thank you so much for everything. 
I will pay your invoice via bank payment today. Kind regards, Lynsey 2013



Hi Mike,

Arrived promptly and safely. I am absolutely stunned by the fantastic quality of the scans of my almost 30y old slides. The images are as good as if taken by a modern high quality digital camera. Thank you for keeping me informed of the order's progress and for it's safe return. I can totally recommend Treasured Memories for outstanding service. Many thanks. Glyn 2013


Mike,                                                                                                                   Cheque on its way. I am truly delighted with every aspect of  your service. Fiona 2013


 Dear Mike,

The discs are fantastic thank you.  Kind regards, Heather 2013


Hi Mike

Thanks. I have received the pictures safely. Nice Job. Regards Douglas 2013


Hi Mike, 

I have now had a chance of looking at the scans of the negatives and they are all ok. In fact they are brilliant! I am really pleased  with them. You run a wonderful service and your customer service is the best. Well done and thank you very much. Regards Maria 2013


 Hi Mike,

I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did, scanning  over 500 slides  onto disc. I am amazed at the quality of the images.  Many of the slides were kept   in my mother's loft for over 20 years and looked the worse for wear when I decided to go through them. I would recommend Mike and his team to anyone. Brilliant service,  superb results and extremely good value for money. Jeremy September 2012 



Good Morning Mike,

Just to confirm that my negatives and disc have arrived safely this morning. I have loaded the photos on to my computer and am absolutely delighted with the results!  It's lovely to see my mother and father in their youth - long before they   ever thought about me!!  They were born in 1911 so these photos must have been taken around the 1930's.  Thank you so much for your wonderful service - very professionally presented. Far more than I was expecting. If I find any more negatives I can't deal  with..... I'll be in touch! Best regards, Dawn August 2012



Just to let you know that the discs arrived safely yesterday, and pictures look good. Thanks. AH 2012


 Hi Mike,

Just wanted to say thank you for the pictures, they look great!  Many Thanks, Lisa  2012



CD received today and quality is excellent. Many thanks for your work.  Kind regards Michael.


Good morning Mike. 

Received the discs and the originals and we are very pleased  with the conversions. Some of our friends have asked for your  address. Kind regards,  Basil 2012



Thanks very much for such a great, professional job.  I will definitely  recommend you to my friends.  Kind regards, Nye 2012


 I have collected the hard drive from the Post Office and have imported  the photo files to my computer. I have had a brief look at the pictures  and from what I have seen so far I am very pleased indeed with the  excellent quality. I would have no hesitation in using your company  again or recommending you to others. I have settled the invoice via faster payments tonight so you should see the funds in your company  bank account in the morning. So we just need to arrange a time for returning the actual photographs to me. The next week day I can  guarantee someone is in to receive delivery will be on Wednesday  18th July. I am fine about collecting from a local depot instead should  you wish to send them earlier. Kind Regards Paul 2012


 Dear Mike,

A belated thanks for your excellent production received during the morning on Saturday 3rd December. We couldnít be more pleased  with the results. Wonderful and appropriate choice of music. We have no hesitation in recommending your service. Again many thanks  Rob Mort.


 Hi  Mike,

You may recall you put some slides onto CD for me a few weeks ago.  I thought you would like to know that I sent them off to have a calendar made for  my Gran. The quality of the prints on the Calendar were excellent,  some of the pictures she hadn't seen for over 40 years since the projector caught fire! You have made a 97 year old lady very happy, she hasn't been well lately, and it cheered her up no end.  Everyone who visits  is shown the calendar, and the rest of the photos which I printed off, 'chuffed' would be an understatement! Thank you so much. Mandy 2011


Hi Mike,
Slides and disc arrived safely today at 1.00pm. Re: request on back of enclosed invoice. "I'm really impressed by the 
service provided by Treasured Memories. Not only is their pricing unbeatable  value, they also care about customers, ensure orders are received and provide  extras like free discs and return postage. Overall    a terrific service, and the scanned images are excellent quality." Regards, Steve 2011 



Thanks a lot Mike. 

I have received all the discs today. 

Can I just say again that you have been so helpful, kind and attentive to  me through this whole process. I couldn't have asked for any better.  If you treat all your customers like this - you will have lots of happy and  repeat customers !! See you soon and best wishes Reza 2011


 Your Comments - I first contacted Mike at Treasured Memories with a sample batch of Black & White negatives which came back as quality photographs scanned at Hi Resolution to CD. Since then I have trusted Treasured Memories with another two batches of  precious Family History photographs and negatives, all of which came back scanned at Hi Resolution to CD. I am so pleased with the quality and service I will be sending many more batches of photographs and negatives for processing in the next few months. Regards Alex Scott.  Thanks. Alex 2011


 Your Comments - I found them very helpful and would use them again.  I passed this to my Sister who is also so pleased with the service. Thank you for your help.


Hello Mike,
I have downloaded the photos into photo and viewed them on my TV 
using Apple/TV. So it all works!!  Stunning results. You and your colleagues are to be congratulated on the quality of the pictures some of them from  almost 50 years ago and a majority from the 1970s!! Amazing!! I will send off  the next batch in the next couple of days. Many thanks. IPR October 2010 


Your Comments - Thanks for providing a very efficient service with excellent results. I am sure some tears will be shed watching the slideshow this Xmas. Will recommend you to others and hopefully use your services again in the future. Thanks. NW 


I love the pictures thank you, my family are so excited to have those 
 Memories reignited Thanks again Gylle



I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your extraordinarily personal  and excellent service. It is phenomenal value for money. Digitising and  tweaking many hundreds of 35mm slides would have been an overwhelming  task for me and you made it a pleasure! Your advice and guidance were second to none and I won't hesitate to recommend Treasured Memories to anyone.    ===================================

The bad news is that I'll be using your services again so you'll just have  to get used to seeing more boring pics from our boring family. Still, you  can't win 'em all!  Many thanks and best wishes RL October 2010


Hi Mike,
You asked for feedback on your service in an enclosed note , price list. I'd say it was outstanding - a great service and good value without 
compromising  on quality.  You can quote that on your website but only with my initials rather    than full  name please. NE 2010 


Your Comments - Excellent prompt and quality service  couldn't be faulted.  Many thanks. Thanks. Ken 2010


Thank you  my pictures were returned today and everything looks fantastic, can't wait to try and print some  Excellent service Regards Llinos---2010


Hi Mike Just a quick email to say that I have received my photos  and that I am very pleased again.  I've posted your cheque tonight  so you should get in very soon.  There will be more photos to come  in the near future. As you may have noticed and for future reference  my email address has changed   to ? Thanks again for the excellent  service you provide. Kind Regards Renť 2010


Hi Mike! 

They are wonderful! Thank you SO much! And for getting them back  to me so quickly!  Mum and Dad are over the moon with them! I will drop a cheque into the post for you over the next couple of days. I have  just got back from Holiday and am currently at a trade show on business but will send    it to you ASAP.  Thanks again Mike!  Kind regards,  Lisa.. 2010   


 Your Comments - Thanks for such a brilliant service and great communication,  couldn't possibly be any better. Love my photos, thanks again. Thanks. Kath 2010


 Your Comments - Excellent all round. Polite, friendly and efficient service.  Will definitely recommend. Thanks. 2010 


Hi Mike 

Just a quick email to express my gratitude for the very quick and efficient service.   I am very happy with the digital outcome, excellent quality.  Please feel free to post my comments on your website. I will shortly send you more photos to be done.   Don't worry I will be in such a   hurry for them this time. Many Thanks & Kind Regards Renť  


Hi Mike

Just picked them up thanks and thereís only one word to describe themÖ..STUNNING!! Displaying the pictures on a pc monitor seems to bring them   to life again and whilst Iíve only looked at a few so far the memories they invoke are almost overwhelming. The cheque is in the post and Iím so very grateful for all your help and care throughout the process. Thanks Andy 2010


Hi Mike, 
Have just arrived home Friday night to find my post waiting for me.  
Could not   Wait to look at  the D V D. I cannot thank you enough for the brilliant job you have done converting our slides.  They are even better than I had hoped as the slides   are more than 40 years old. I would certainly recommend your service to anyone we meet  searching for help with slides etc. Thank you once again for a swift return  on the D V D and the safe arrival home of the slides. I will post the cheque to you in the morning. Grateful thanks,    Pat 2010 


Your Comments - Hi Mike Have just downloaded all the picas from the discs and they are superb. Thank you   so much for a brilliant service . I found you most helpful, from my first enquiry to  you, and it has been  a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks for all your painstaking work! Kind regards. Katrina 2010 


 Hi, Received the hard drive and pics back Thanks. Was slightly sceptical  how they would turn out, but am very very impressed with result, exactly what I was after... Excellent ! Thanks William January 2010


 Thank you for the fantastic CD of all the slides that we received on  Thursday. They were amazing.. We gave them to family as Christmas Presents and they were received with such joy. Thanks Again. Tina January 2010


Hi Mike, I canít thank you enough for the outstanding service you have  provided. I have felt completely at ease sending my old slides to you  since the first time we spoke. You have produced a first class end product  from some difficult material. I have shown and recommended your work  to several people, who are now interested in your services. Thanks again for an excellent service. I am sure my mother will shed a few happy tears, I certainly did, best regards Kim November 2009.


Hope you received the cheque, thanks for the scans they are excellent, I am  currently searching through some more to send to you. regards Tony.  August 2009


 Hi Mike, all well received today, very pleased with results. Roy August 2009.


Hi Mike 

Thank you for the slides and CD all arrived safely this morning. I must say I like   your effective but friendly way of doing business. I have been trying for a long time to get my transparencies onto my computer. I have tried two scanners and the results have not been  good. The slides are OK when I project them but the quality is not there when they are transferred to CD. Yours are the best to-date!  Thanks for your help. 2010 


Hi Mike,
The DVD arrived at lunchtime and I've just spent an hour viewing it. 
 You have done a marvellous job on what turned out to be a complicated piece of work.   I'm very pleased with it and I'm sure the rest  of the family will be when they see it.  Thanks so much, Mike, and don't  forget to include your bill when you return the pics. Well done! Tony 2010


HI Mike. The package has been received and the scans really look  terrific, thanks very much indeed. I may well have more as I go through  the family archives so    will keep your details! Cheque in the post,  Many thanks Nicola 2010


Your Comments - Thank you so much for the lovely job you did with my childhood slides - my daughters loved seeing these images  for the first time! Great Service  and cheque is in the post! Thanks. 2010


Your Comments - Hi Mike, Many thanks for the excellent work done in scanning my photographic  memories. You provided a great service from the outset. Thanks. 2010


 Hi Mike,

A little late replying... but... must say a big thank-you for the super DVDs  you did    for me. My husband was thrilled to bits , and had no idea what  I had been up to !! But to say it went down very well is an understatement. The second you did for me was for my sister in law, and because you managed to do it before Christmas I managed to send it to Germany on time for her "special" birthday ! She has just informed me it has been the best present she got !! So many thanks !!! I was very impressed by the quality of the pictures. I didn't realise they  could be made so clear. More will be on their way to you before too long ! Celia. 2010


Hi Mike

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the hard work you did in ensuring that I had the DVDís for Christmas, he absolutely loved them.  Karen Jan 2010 

More to Follow :..........

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