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Welcome to Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd.!
Treasured Memories Order Progress Information
Call us on 0113 2870212 or Email us at Sales@treasured-memories.org.uk
When you order any Treasured Memories product you will be given an order number, the list below will let you know where your order is in our process.
Please note that order numbers are given at time of ordering, work starts on jobs in the order they arrive, as the correct scanner & Staff become available this is not always the lowest order.
 Number Name & Progress

C3026.6 Christopher C  S Scanning
C 160310 Gwyn D P Scanning Completed
C 160359 Richard E N Completed
C 160148.5 Malcolm S S Completed

C 160339 A S P SS Slideshow Completed
C 160354 David S MFN Completed
C 160361 Karen S Disc  Completed
C 160148.6 Malcolm S S Scanning
C 160316 Ian M P Completed
C 160250.1 Jane M S Completed
C 160355 Morgan F Slideshow Completed
C 160364 Bhas S S Scanning
C 160363 Daphne D Completed
C160235.1  James G S N Completed
C 160352 Angela A P S SS X 3 Completed
C7817.10 Martin J Completed
C 160131.1 Adrian C Glass Negs Completed
C 160270 Vanessa B Completed

C 160320 Jean B P Completed
C 160326 Roger H P A Completed
C 160327 Vic C S SS Completed
C 160328 Joy W S Completed
C 160201 C McA N Completed
C 160331 Glynn E S Completed
C 160332 Adrian Waters P MFN Completed
C 160335 Stephen Graham 126 N CD Completed
C 160321 David P S Completed
C 160337 Graham A MFN Completed
C 160351 J W MFN CD Completed

C 160332 Adrian W P MFN Completed
C 160334 Michael B Disc Film Completed
C 160257 Gareth  V Completed

C 160252 Brendan H.... P Completed
C 160274 Paul D Completed

C 160254.1 Bernard G....MF Completed

C 160275 Daemonn B Completed
C 160272 Alex W Completed
C 160300 Lorna B S Completedg
C 160258.1 Jules P Completed
C160261 John R.... Completed
C160171.1 Paul D S Part Two Completed
C160215 Maggie ACompleted
C160231 Nickie H S Completed
C160235 James G S Completed
C160238 Linda P Disc Film Completed
C160236 James WP Completed
C 160244 Sophy G P Part 2 Completed
C 160249 Jacqueline F S P Completed
C160033.5 D C S SS 2 Completed
C 160219 John R S Completed

C 160241 Noel C H S Completed

C 160244.1 Sophy G P Completed
C 160255 Andy S SS Completed
C 160242 Bryan B S Completed
C 160239 Mary R S Completed
Awaiting Delivery
C 160260 Dina P P
C 160265 Sue McG N P USB
C 160267 Rita F P SS 6 USB
C 160278 Dorothy L S Printed
C 160180 John H MFS
C160224 Dorathy H
C160237 Prof Anjoy Kar
C 160242.1 Bryan B S
C 160246 Jon W S MFN
C 160232 Neil R N
C 160256 Mark A MFS N
C 160268 Suzie H P USB
C 160269 Elizabeth L P
C 160273 Christine CN
C 160353 Alastair S P
C 160358 Michael B N
C 160359 Richard E N



Current Completion Times: .......

Small Orders under 500 10 to 15 Working Days

Larger Orders over 500 15+ Working Days.

Ask if you have a deadline for your work.

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