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 Welcome to Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd.!
Treasured Memories Order Progress Information
Call us on 0113 2870212 or Email us at Sales@treasured-memories.org.uk
When you order any Treasured Memories product you will be given an order number, the list below will let you know where your order is in our process.
Please note that order numbers are given at time of ordering, work starts on jobs in the order they arrive, as the correct scanner & Staff become available this is not always the lowest order.
 Number Name & Progress

C160604 Mr Adrian V Scanning Balancing

C160664 Mark R Scanning
C160666 David E Scanning

C160660 Andrew C SS Scanning
C160058 Paula M Scanning
C160560 Ann R Scanning
C160657 Lucy W Scanning
C160414 Yvonne R Scanning
C160646.1 Steve B Scanning

C160614 Strone McP Awaiting
C160606 Adrian L Awaiting
C160631.1 Bret L Awaiting
C160450 Hilary B Awaiting
C160661 Louise H Awaiting
C160662 Jackie Awaiting

C160615.1 Steve L Completed
C160148.12 Mr Malcolm S Completed
C1601617.1 Deamonn B Completed
C160553.1 Chris H Completed
C160659 Lady Mary S Completed
C160656 David P Completed

C160632 Mrs Jenny W Completed
C160647 Steve B Completed
C160649 Melisa K Completed
C160655 Bob M Completed
C160652 Barbara R Completed
C160388.6 Richard M Completed
C160414 Mrs Y R Prints Completed
C160525 Mr Alec S Slides Completed
C160521 Mrs Joan S Negatives Completed
C160033.5 Mr D C Slides SS X 2 Completed
C160520 Mrs Joe K MFN Completed
C160603 Mr David O S Completed
C 160605 Mrs Tracey A Completed
C160533.4 Mrs Heather S Completed
C160201.3 Mr C McA Completed
C160033.6 Mr David C SS Completed
C160612 Mr Peter B Completed
C160563 Mr Rosie R Completed
C 160602 Mr Philip W Completed
C160624 Mrs S T Completed
C160626 Mrs Claire C-T Completed

C160533.4 Ms Heather Completed
C166601 Mrs Fran H Completed
C160547 Mrs Rachel L Completed
C160609 Mrs G C Completed
C160543.2 Mr Steve C Completed
C160613 Mrs Trudy B Completed
C7817.12 Mr Martin J Completed
C160615 Mr Steve L Completed
C160148.10 Mr Malcolm S Completed
C160414.2 Mrs Yvonne R Awaiting Instructions
C160556.1 Mr Alan Mac K Completed
C 160539 Mr David T Completed
C160631 Mr Bret L Completed
C160639 Mr Michael P Completed
C160633 Mr Raj M Completed
C160636 Ms Eliese R Completed
C160528.2 Mr Graham A Completed
C160617 Mr Daemonn B Completed
C160620 Mrs Joy H Completed
C160533.4 Ms Heather S Completed
C160630 Mr Paul H Completed
C160533.5 Ms Heather S Completed
C160615 Mr Steve L Completed

C7817.13 Mr Martin J Completed
C160621 Mr Ken B Completed
C160650 June M Completed
C160645 Claire B Completed
C160648 Katja S Completed
C160646 Stephen M Completed

C160615.1 Mr Steve L Completed
C160617 Mr Deamonn B Completed
C160643 Mrs Sue S Completed


Current Completion
Times: .......

Small Orders under 500 10 to 15 Working Days

Larger Orders over 500 15+ Working Days.

Ask if you have a deadline for your work.

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