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Just Like Old Soldiers, Old Photographs also Fade Away !

Save them Now !

Home of Treasured Memories Scanning

For Your Quote Call us on 0113 2870212 or Email us at 

Discount off our normal Prices !
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How to Order!

Quick Order

Email or Call us to confirm your details. Then:

Simply Pack them up and Post them to us at our Address !

Put in a Note explaining what you want, ensure your contact details and email are inside the package. Send them by at least recorded delivery.

We will let you know when they arrive, count them give you a quote and proceed to complete your order. 

It's as Simple as That. !!!

Click Here for our Address Page.

Click Here if you need information regarding ordering a Slideshow

Before You Order:

You may wish to view our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement.

To Order Scanning of Photos, Slides or Negatives TMScan50. 

You can if you wish complete the Scanning Order Form ordering TMSCAN50.

Remember the first 50 images attract the minimum charges, all scans after 50 will attract the standard charge (See our Scanning Price Page), add the additional numbers over 50 into the field provided on the order form.  

If you want your images in TIF as well as JPEG enter the number in the TIF box, remember there is an additional charge for this service.  For non 35mm Film Type and 127 Superslides again enter the number in the box provided, the costs for these Medium Format images can be found on our Scanning Price Page.  If for any reason you are not sure how to complete the form, don't worry you can just send your slides ensuring that you have put your contact details and requirements inside the package and we will sort it all out for you.

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