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 Why Scan Your Slides, Negatives and Photographs

Those Treasured Photographs have a tendency to fade away, especially if kept out in a frame. Over time Slides will deteriorate and develop mould and spotting, even if kept dry, negatives are often lost.  Thousands of homes are flooded each year, and many memories are lost forever in the aftermath.


Here are a few reasons for having your precious Photographs, 35mm Slides & Negatives put onto a DVD or CD for use on your Computer. 


1.   If Your old photographs are beginning to fade !

2.   If You have a large collection of 35mm Slides or Photographs !

3.   If You Wish they looked as they did when You first took them ! 

4.   If You would you like to see your photos on your Television !

5.   If they are stuck at the bottom of a cupboard and  never seen !

6.   If some are damaged & you no longer have the negatives !

7.   If you only have the negatives and not the photographs !

8.   If you have developed APS film that requires Scanning!

9.   If you would like them on  CD/DVD to use on your computer ! 

10. If You live in an area subject to Flooding !  

If Any of the Above is applicable to you're images, then You Need Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd to scan them for you.

Treasured Memories can take all your Old or New, Photographs, 35MM Slides and Negatives (Most sizes) including APS and Roll Film,  scan them, colour correct them and put them onto Disc or create a professional DVD Slideshow with the Music of your choice, enabling you to watch them on your Television.  Let us bring back your Treasured Memories  of  times gone bye.  This is a show you will want to watch over and over again,  your very own DVD staring all your loved ones. 

Share your Treasured Memories  with your Friends and Family, from the comfort or your armchair.  No need to huddle round a photo album, looking at a 6 x 4 prints.  No need to drag out that old 35MM slide projector and screen to watch your 35MM Slides.  Even if you only have the negatives we can scan them all onto a super DVD Slideshow with music and movement.  See them at the best DVD Quality at the size of your television screen with your favourite music playing as background. 

A Treasured Memories DVD is a much better way to display your memories than a Photograph Album. It is also an Ideal Gift for your family & friends.  We can also provide a complete History of Life, a Portrait of someones life with Text, Documents and Images, a complete Family Tree on a DVD.

Every Photo tells a Story, make sure your Story is available for your Children & Grandchildren.


Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd  will scan your photo's @ 1200dpi, your slides and Negatives @ 4000dpi onto a CD or DVD in JPEG and or TIF format for you to use on your computer. (Medium format Slides & Negative sizes can also be scanned as can APS and Rolls of film).  We always apply Digital ICE4 Free of charge.

Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd can Repair and Restore your damaged photographs and 35mm Slides at very reasonable rates.

Starting from as Little as £12.00.  Prices Click Here

A DVD Slideshow is a great way to show any of the following and many more:

  1. Wedding Photographs.
  2. Photographs of Baby.
  3. Christening Photos.
  4. Holiday Photographs.
  5. Everyday Snapshots.
  6. Honeymoon Photographs.
  7. Photographs of Your Pets.
  8. School Photographs.
  9. Christmas Photos.
  10. Old Black and White Photographs.
  11. 35mm Slides & Negatives.
  12. Party Photographs.
  13. Stag and Hen Party.
  14. A Family Tree.
  15. History of a Family Members Lifetime.

Just send us your original Photographs, 35mm Slides, Negatives and we will scan them, colour correct them and put them onto a Disc for your Computer or produce a stunning DVD Slideshow with, Movement & the Music of your choice, if you want to add digital images to your slideshow, please send them to us on a Disc or memory card. 

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