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Photo Restoration Information!

We provide a complete scanning & repair service for

Photographs, 35mm Slides, Negatives & APS film !

Photograph Restoration Service.

At Treasured Memories we offer a Photograph Repair Service at very reasonable rates. Prices vary depending on the damage. 

 When we repair your photograph we will provide you with a disc, that holds your original photograph and  1 print (Size Variable) of your corrected image.

We can also colourise your black and white photo.

To order this service just send us your Photograph with your Name Address and Contact E-Mail or Phone Number, with a description of what you would like doing, we will contact you to discuss your requirement.

Please Note the quality of the images displayed on this page has been reduced to enable web publication.

Colour Correction.

Every photograph, 35mm Slide or negative that we work on undergoes the Colour Correction Process Free of Charge. This is a process that corrects the Levels, Colour and Contrast of the image to improve its quality and bring back the original colour and sparkle that it had the day you took it. In many cases like below they are even better than when first developed, the first photograph had a white tint, this was removed with Colour Correction. The photograph was taken over 30 years ago.

Before Colour Correction After Colour Correction


We also take care not to colour correct photographs that were taken with a filter or when you have purposefully arranged an image such as a setting sun.

Minor Repair Service.

The Minor Repair Service can take a very old photograph and restore it to an Excellent Condition. This photograph was quite old and dirty and had a fold in the bottom left hand corner, the fold was removed with the Minor Repair Service and reprinted. This Photograph is over 60 years old.

Before After



Major Repair Service.

The Major Repair Service can take a very old and damaged photograph and restore it to a reasonable condition. This process can not be carried out on every damaged photograph but if you send it and we can not repair it, we will return it free of charge. The photograph below was over 80 years old and was repaired to a state that was acceptable to the owner.

Before After



All photographs that are repaired can also be reprinted, see our price range on our Page for reprint prices.

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